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Man is naturally a political animal” is it possible for a state to achieve the ideal state of governance, one that creates utmost happiness for its citizens? Are we right in considering democracy as the best form of government? In fact, why have a government at all? Aristotle answers these questions, and many more, in his treatise the politics. The politics is a ground-breaking work, drawn from one of the best intellectual minds, and remains a significant text in the history of political thought.

The Politics PDF Book Details:

Book Name The Politics
Author Aristotle
Pages 304 pages
Publisher Fingerprint! Publishing
Release Date 1 March 2020
Language English
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About The Author:

An ancient Greek philosopher, psychologist, moralist, scientist, metaphysician, and pioneer of formal logic, Aristotle was born in 384 BC in Stagira, Chalcidice, Northern Greece. He lost his parents in his childhood, and moved to Athens at the age of seventeen. There he enrolled in Plato’s Academy where he spent almost twenty years, first as a pupil and then as a teacher and writer. Of the dialogues he wrote,

only fragments survive. Physics—a work on Western science and philosophy; Metaphysics—a book examining existence; Nicomachean Ethics—a book on Aristotelian ethics; Politics—a work of political philosophy; De Anima (On the Soul); and Poetics—a philosophical treatise on literary theory; are among his important treaties.

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