Head Up Lyrics – Roman Sidhu

By | March 8, 2020

Head Up Lyrics is a Punjabi Song well written by Mani Reddu. This is a latest Song sung by Roman Sidhu and Afsana Khan while the music video has directed by Japjeet Dhillon. Head Up Song Lyrics musician is Beat Inspector.

Head Up Lyrics

Ho nakhra jatti da
Ve tu tichh jaandae!

Mainu banda banda
Tere sheher vichh jaandae!

Haaye jatti mangdi ae
Pyar da remand tere ton

Aine kitte gine jaane nahioo
Kaand tere ton

Ve saara din rehnna kaahton macheya
Karda kyon nee gallan pyariyaan

Ho khare khare bande aa naal yariyaan
Mudd to hi kaim sardariyaan

Head Up Lyrics By Instalyrics.com

Assi aap choti de sikhaari aan
Kithon keel lain giyan naariyan
Ho khare khare bande aa naal yariyan

Ve hor vee ne khabbi khaan tere naal de
Jatt saareyan de rakhdae record todh ke

Head Up Song Lyrics By Instalyrics.com

Nikki jodde aa paisa zindagi jyon layi
Ho gabbru ne rakhe hathyaar jod ke

Ve feeling’an nu kari rakhi rakhe off kyun
Putheyaan ne teriyaan garariyaan

Song Details

Singer Roman Sidhu & Afsana Khan
Written By Mani Reddu
Music By Beat Inspector
Video Director Japjeet Dhillon
Song Title Head Up

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Head Up Lyrics By Roman Sidhu

Song Summary:-

This is a latest Punjabi Song with lots of positive energy. You should read the lyrics of this wonderful song presented by Roman Sidhu & Afsana Khan. So let’s enjoy the song lyrics and remains happy.

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