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By | February 25, 2020

Dua Lyrics by Zack Knight is an amazing song for the peoples who loves Punjabi Songs. The Guest vocals for this song given by Omer Nadeem while singer and musician work did by Zack Knight. Dua Song Lyrics is trending on many social Media and is directed by Ray Khan.

Dua Lyrics

Song Details

Singer & Lyricist Zack Knight
Guest Vocals Omer Nadeem
Musician Zack Knight
Director Ray Khan (Huzu Production)
Song Title Dua

Dua Lyrics

Tu Hi Taan Jind Meri
Tu Hi Mera Chain Ae

Tere Bina Hai Aukha Duniya Te Rehne
Tu Mere Layi Main Bas Tere Layi Howaan

Main Jehrhe Paase Wekhan
Teri Hi Deed Ae

Mukh Tera Vekh Lawaan
Te Meri Eid Ae

Tere Bina Main Dassan
Jinve Aa Mar Jaawan

Na Mainu Hunn Tu Bhulna
Te Bin Tere Saah Rukna

Main Tainu Hun Aeh Dassna
Main Teriyan

Je Ankh Laawan Tu Disda Ae
Dua Vich Tu Milda Ae

Main Tainu Hunn Ae Dassna Ae
Main Teriyan

How Am I Supposed To Live
If I Can’t Live Without You

I Know What I Couldn’t Give
You A Life You Desired

What Am I Supposed To Say, Girl
When I See Your Face I’m Okay

Main Jehde Paase Wekhan
Teri Hi Deed Ae

Mukh Tera Wekh Lavaan
Te Meri Eid Ae

Tere Bina Main Dassan
Jinve Aa Mar Jaawan

Bina Tere Na Reh Sakda
Tu Saahwan Vich Hai Inj Vasda Ae

Main Tainu Hun Aeh Dassna Main Teriyaan

Na Mainu Hun Na Lagna Ae
Bina Tere Jee Sakda Ae
Tu Mainu Hun Ae Dassde Tu Meriyaan

Song Information

In the starting lines, the singer tells her that she is his whole life you will remains with her in his rest of life. And in the forwarding lines of Dua Song Lyrics singer said that she brought him in the new phase of life. The most important lines in which the singer says that he can’t live without her.

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